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Where the rest of the Ukrainian star this summer. Photo

Где отдыхают украинские звезды этим летом. Фото

They had to do without foreign resorts.

Tent, rafting, picking berries, communication with animals and sitting in traffic jams near Odessa — it turns out our favorite artists and know how to relax, as ordinary people. For them, this year opened a great chance to see his native country not only from the window of a tour bus.

Nadia Dorofeeva and Vladimir Dantes

  • Resting place: Odessa

The couple Dorofeeva-Dantes decided to celebrate “wooden wedding” five years of family life in Odessa.

“Wikipedia says that wooden wedding — a pass in a more comprehensive and stronger marriage. Well.. This facecontrol we passed. Drove to party,” said Dantes before travelling.

A little later he began to curse the traffic jams at the entrance to Odessa and the behavior of drivers on the road. But could sit near Kiev on the lawn with Martini Fiero. Although a couple of cool photos on a yacht off the coast of Odessa starry couple with a 5-year “travel” failed to do.

Jerry Heil

  • Vacation spot: the village of Sanzheyka, Odessa oblast

Где отдыхают украинские звезды этим летом. Фото

“Sanzhiika — must see” — authoritatively written by Jerry Heil, posting a selfie on the background of the black sea coast near Odessa. It’s very simple — star lives by the sea in the tent and happily squeezes preludesys seals. Well, you ponimaete, where Jerry, and Tom.

From Odessa to Sanzheyku 35 km, taxi going there for 500 hryvnias at least. Although the bus has not been canceled. “But all this is trivia. I’ve never seen such orange of dawn!”, — happy Jerry.


  • Vacation spot: the village of New Dofinovka, Odessa oblast

Где отдыхают украинские звезды этим летом. Фото

MARUV chose for yourself and your team the countryside with all amenities, swimming pool, sea view, meditation and vegan food.

Sofia Rotaru Ruslan Evdokimenko

  • Resting place: Kyiv region

Previously, the family of Sofia Rotaru prefer to spend the summer somewhere on the coast of Italy, renting a Villa for the whole family. But in fact, the actress just stay home is not a sin, because in the elite Koncha Zaspa near Kiev, she is not a house but a Palace. A picture of his country home Sofia Mikhailovna recently published in his Instagram.

Где отдыхают украинские звезды этим летом. Фото

And the son Rotaru Ruslan Evdokimenko decided to tease all of the Maldives. He has published in his Instagram a distressed portrait of the ugly turquoise ocean and white sand of the Maldives and signed photo: “ When you received the cancellation of the quarantine! The summer of 2040”.

Где отдыхают украинские звезды этим летом. Фото

Arsen Mirzoyan and Tonya Matvienko

  • Vacation spot: Yaremche in the Carpathian mountains and Berdyansk district

Где отдыхают украинские звезды этим летом. Фото

Recently “burdened” with the title of Honored artist of Ukraine, artist Arsen Mirzoyan resting in full. A week ago he posted to Instagram a photo of the tent on the beach — presumably somewhere in the area of Berdyansk. And now he is in the Carpathian mountains with the whole family. Post enticing photos of the pool in a five star Spa hotel in the resort of Yaremche.


  • Resting place: MiG and Hidropark

Где отдыхают украинские звезды этим летом. Фото

Artist Tanya Reshetnyak, she Tayanna, all types of travelers prefer active. “Lie on the beach and do nothing — not for me, — confessed the star. Judging by the photos, rafting Tanya with son master in Migey.

This summer Tayanna discovered this holiday. Says it’s true love and all advises. And in Hydropark, the singer has mastered surfing in the waves, which became her hobby for this summer.

Vic from “DeAngelo”

  • Resting place: Kharkiv and Pyrnovo near Kiev

Где отдыхают украинские звезды этим летом. Фото

Black of the duet “neangely” travels across Ukraine without stopping. Then Kherson, then Odessa, the resort of Pyrnovo. The actress niece splashing in the lake in the Kharkiv region, it gathers currants near Kiev. The sun Vicki Smeyuhi like she’s on the beach in Egypt spent a week.

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