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Volunteers complain that they are not paid for work during the voting on the Constitution

Волонтеры жалуются, что им не заплатили за работу во время голосования по Конституции

Krasnoyarsk volunteers, who during the voting on amendments to the Constitution conducted a quiz, have not received the promised money for the work, according to “Open media”.

In Krasnoyarsk region during the voting on constitutional amendments was conducted quiz on knowledge of the law. The prize Fund amounted to 10 apartments, 10 cars and 50 smartphones. Get tickets for the conference were a number of polling stations.

“We promised to sign a contract in the early days, we started to work on June 25. Come for a weekend we had at 8:00, the working day ended at 20:00. For this work we promised to pay 7 thousand rubles until July 10. In the end, no money, no signed agreement we have, fed Breakfast,” – are reported words of one of the interviewees, without mentioning her name.

With representatives of what the organization, the team talked for the device to such work, the TV channel did not specify. Many of them have worked without a contract, the other contract was signed with the regional Public chamber (OP). The papers were signed by the Chairman of the regional organization Natalya Grushevskogo.

Only the salary in Krasnoyarsk are unable to about 300 people, and curators who gathered them on a quiz, stopped communicating. During the week of the local promised to pay 7000 rubles, and the money they can’t get most weeks. Thus transfer money to all who worked at polling stations in Krasnoyarsk region, promised 2-3 July – in the coming days after the vote.


The chief of staff of the Public chamber of the Krasnoyarsk Krai Elena Rakhimov has declared to journalists that in the material TCEs “is not a word of truth.” Official inquiry about unpaid wages to the observers from the TV channel in the organization, she said, has not received.

“” says that the agreements with volunteers should sign Autonomous nonprofit organization “Directorate of sports and social events and projects.” It was created in 2019, she is fully owned by the Ministry of sports of the Krasnoyarsk territory. Denis Brankov, who heads the organization, assured the newspaper that the money for the work on the quiz will pay: “of Course, will pay. The specific terms we speak”.


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