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Vertigo in the occiput, doctors warned of the dangerous disease

Головокружение при резком вставании: медики предупредили об опасном заболевании

Symptom that cannot be ignored.

Weakness and dizziness when trying to stand up or suddenly change position of the body associated with an increased risk of developing dementia.

Sharp drop in systolic blood pressure when changing body position in some way connected with neurodegenerative processes.

The authors examined the histories 2 131 people, whose average age was 73 years. At the beginning of the study none of them were detected dementia.

The average blood pressure of volunteers was measured at baseline and then after one, three and five years. 15% of the total diagnosed orthostatic hypotension, 9% systolic orthostatic hypotension (SOG), from 6% of end – diastolic orthostatic hypotension (DOG).

Over the next 12 years the study participants were studied for the development of dementia. This disease occurred in 22% of the participants. In people with systolic orthostatic hypotension the likelihood of developing dementia was almost 40% higher than people with other types of hypotension, or those who have problems with pressure are not available.

During the study period, dementia developed in 26% of subjects with SOG (50 of 192 people with this diagnosis). Meanwhile, among the other categories of only 21% (412 out of 1 939 of the study participants).

It is also noteworthy that the participants in the study, in which readings of systolic blood pressure when changing body position from sitting to standing has varied heaviest, had the greatest tendency to dementia.

The scientists noted that the link between orthostatic hypotension and dementia was observed only in those subjects in whom there was a fall of systolic blood pressure. Patients with a fall in diastolic pressure or blood pressure such Association was observed.

Although the study is only observational in nature and does not show causal relationships between SOG and neurodegenerative processes, the researchers think that this work is important.

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