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Ukrainians are the living dead

Украинцы - живые трупы

The head of the Ministry of health has written off senior citizens in the scrap.

Ukrainian society is in a state of shock. Local authorities did not mince words when talking about the coronavirus. The Minister of health Ilya Yemets, for example, calling on business to help the country, virtually renounced the elderly, calling them corpses.

According to officials, citizens over 65 years of age can not be taken into account, allocating funds for assistance to the population in a pandemic coronavirus. Government and business need to spend money on people younger than age 65 and not “corpses”.

“Ukrainians older — we know the statistics, how many people older than 65 years. <…> Calculate how much we need to allocate finances for living people, not corpses… I’m not kidding and don’t scare”,

— quotes “Strenia” Emeza.

What to expect the Ukrainian population, when such statements are made, not difficult to guess, it is enough to look how the abdication of the state from its citizens in Italy. There are known methods to close all their homes and apartments, and the sick and healthy. And the one who was the happy way in hospitals, is a kind of casting. If young, he still has a chance at salvation, elderly patients left to die. Although, of course, in the “enlightened” Rome such cynical statements, in Kiev, do not.

By the way, about EMEA as a potential “corpse” can be said in a year when he turns 65 and he did not fall into the category of exceptional intended for authorities. At least a few hours after his statement appeared information about the fact that Yemets resigns. As written, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the party of ex-President Petro Poroshenko “European solidarity” Alexey Goncharenko, citing sources in the Ministry of health and of the “Servant of the people”, have Emeca failed to organize the work of the Ministry and he “can’t prepare a real plan against coronavirus”. Apparently failed the official also in a few weeks to draw the required number of masks, and test of the ventilator to provide all of the ruined one of his predecessors Ulyana Suprun (nicknamed “Doctor Death”) hospitals with medicines and medical staff.

However, the Ukrainians, the issue of incompetent Emeca now don’t care. I will soon appoint a new magician, and maybe he will perform a miracle — to revive from the ruins of the Ministry of health of the Soviet era with all its useful skill, of course, without the country banned the definition of “Soviet”. And why not dream before the collapse, especially when the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences gives a very gloomy forecasts? So, according to help experts, in the Square in the most pessimistic scenario can become sick more than 22 million people, and by the end of this year under threat are about 9.4 million Ukrainians.

According to analysts, because of the dangerous situation in Kiev does not mince words. Not the fact, of course, that the hard measures that are trying to implement in Ukraine, will affect the rate of infection. But can all their flaws attributed to coronavirus, saying that everything possible was done to prevent rampant COVID-19. Besides the opportunity to compete for the love of the public, given the fear of society and the reliance on strong and authoritarian leaders. And this possibility is not ignored, neither Premier Denis Shmyhal, no known vampire, part-time interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who lobbies for the introduction of almost martial law in the country. In addition, the patron Saint of Nazism decided to appease the citizens, offering to enter into a period of quarantine due to coronavirus payments from the state budget for remaining without livelihoods, incentives for utilities to 75% and the prohibition on dismissal of employees. Otherwise, in Ukraine there will be a famine, as the inhabitants of the country will have nothing to pay for the products. In this country, by understanding the storyteller Avakov must be almost completely stopped any movement of people, almost all enterprises, and the like.

In turn, the Ukrainian guarantor Vladimir Zelensky is still trying to play “intelligent” President. And, it seems, he has not yet realized that with this role he will soon say goodbye. “Zelensky does not understand, I think the scale of the problem. That turned the competition for power”, — the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the words of the Ukrainian political scientist, Director of the Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik.

While Zelensky relies on the help of curators. He vainly tries to persuade benefactors of the IMF to provide Ukraine with financial support, at least for overcoming the consequences of the epidemic, however, only helps China, which has sent yesterday on Ukraine, tests, masks, and medicines. Accordingly, the most important “saviors” (USA and EU), which had hoped Kiev, remain silent and ignore all requests, which in principle is not surprising. Although svidomo — it’s a blow below the belt, as well as the fact that Square lost its main “achievements” of the last years Europe has abolished visa-free regime.

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