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Top 7 best places in Ukraine to stay in tents. Photo

Топ-7 лучших мест в Украине для отдыха в палатках. Фото

Cheap, but interesting.

Summer always gives us a vivid impression, so why not to take advantage of the beautiful weather, warm days and not to go on vacation beautiful locations. We have collected the best places to stay in tents that are sure to make your weekend unforgettable.

In order to fully relax, we don’t have to go abroad. In Ukraine there are many beautiful and picturesque places, without the crowds of tourists with luxurious types, which will allow you to create an unforgettable experience.

If you love stay close to nature, your summer is not complete without a tent, then be sure to choose from our list location to the next route.

The best places to stay in tents

Kinburn spit, the Nikolaev area

Kinburn spit – is a holiday region on the Black sea coast of the Nikolaev area. This resort is popular among tourists due to the isolation from civilization, environmental cleanliness and conservation of nature. The length of the Kinburn Peninsula – 8, 5 km, width – 3.8 km, Braid covered with herbaceous vegetation, pine and oak forest.

Топ-7 лучших мест в Украине для отдыха в палатках. Фото

Kinburn spit you pretty surprised

Tent in the camping tourist will cost 100 UAH. This is the most budget holiday on the kinburnsky spit. Only 100 hryvnia per day you can live on the beach in your own tent or one that you’ll enjoy camping. Camping “Kinburn space” tourists can provide two-, three — or four-seater tent with a mattress and a blanket.

Spend the night in a tent near the sea on the kinburnsky spit is possible only in tents, to which the clearly delineated three parts:

  • “Kovalevsky” – from lake to forest Chirnino quarter No. 139;
  • “Rimovska” – from the boundary of Green lake Salt;
  • “Kinburn arrow” – from the fortress to the lighthouse on the spire of the spit.

How to get there:

If you want to get to the kinburnsky braid on public transport, it is best to go from Ochakovo. Hence at the berth No. 333 goes a speedboat. On your car it is worth going just for the jeep, because a car stuck in the sand. Take the route Oleshky – Naked Marina – Heroic – Vasylivka – Pokrovskoye – end point village of Rimba.

Dzharylgach island, Kherson region

The island Dzharylgach, which called the Ukrainian Maldives, located in Karkinit Gulf of the Black sea. It is the largest island in the Ukraine. It is home to many wild animals such as wild boars, deer, hares, which are quite often caught the tourists eye.

Топ-7 лучших мест в Украине для отдыха в палатках. Фото

Treat yourself to an unforgettable summer holiday on the island Dzharylgach

On the island there is a stationary housing, so it is ideal to stay for a few days with tents, they can be put freely and without restrictions. Note that the island is almost no wood for a campfire, so bring a gas burner.

How to get there:

To get to the island, you need to first drive to Kherson, and then to the Skadovsk, where regular buses and taxis. The road will take you up to 2 hours. Summer on Dzharylgach from Skadovsk dock you can swim to the boat or the boat that takes everyone 30 minutes.

Bakota, Khmel’nyts’ka oblast’

On the Dniester, 55 km from the train station Kamenetz-Podolsk, in the territory of National natural Park “Podilsky Tovtry” is located on. It flooded the village, which on the map can not be found. 40 years ago it sank in connection with the construction of the Dniester hydroelectric complex.

Топ-7 лучших мест в Украине для отдыха в палатках. Фото

Meet the incredible sunrises in Bakota

In Bakota, guests can relax at the clean beach, swim in warm water, ride a boat or catamaran, Barbecuing and fishing. Also tourists can visit the ruins of the rock monastery.

Топ-7 лучших мест в Украине для отдыха в палатках. Фото

Rock monastery in Bakota

The grate edge, of hostels here, so we can meet and come here for rest, which you really like.

How to get there:

By car you can reach it following the highway, Kamenetz-Podolsk – Stara ushytsia. If you don’t have a car, you can take a minibus from Kamenetz-Podolsk to the Old Ushytsya. A bus to the village to go about an hour, then have to cover 2-3 kilometers field and rocky road. Also to Bakoty can be reached by boat or tourist ferry on the river Dniester.

Sand lake, Volyn region

In the Central part of Shatsky national natural Park is a lake of Sand. By area, it is a small but striking crystal clear water. All – over silver and glycerin, included in its composition. The lake has a sandy shore and bottom, so perfect for guests.

Топ-7 лучших мест в Украине для отдыха в палатках. Фото

Sand lake will surprise you with crystal clear water

On the lake you can put your own tent. Price per person 65 UAH per 1 day. For the car you have to pay 25 UAH for 1 day. Children up to 12 years can stay for free.

How to get there:

With the Central bus stations of Rivne and Lutsk can be reached by bus. On own transport you need to follow the road Lviv – Brest, and before reaching the village. Shack, turn in the direction of the village Millers.

Aktovsky canyon, Nikolayev oblast

If you like to travel on Ukraine, but has never been in the Aktovsky canyon, definitely worth to go and see here. It is located on the river Mertvovod of village close to Assembly Voznesensky district of the Nikolaev area. The canyon consists of an outdated weathered granites intersected by the Mertvovod 40-50 meters.

Топ-7 лучших мест в Украине для отдыха в палатках. Фото

Aktovsky canyon – a wonderful place for a weekend

This is the perfect place for a weekend to enjoy nature, the beautiful sunrise and sunset. At dawn the rocks painted in a soft pink color with the rays of the morning sun, so morning is spectacular you won’t forget.

The canyon is considered unique in Europe, which according to geological and landscape indicators exactly the same as the famous canyons of North America. It’s not very crowded, so the rest of the tent will create you an unforgettable relaxation alone with nature.

How to get there:

From Voznesensk need to go to the village of Trikrata. Along the way you will see Arbuzinsky canyon. Will pass a little more and you already. Better to go to the canyon on your own car, because the bus stop in this region is quite rare.

Khadzhibey Liman, Odessa oblast

Khadzhibey estuary – the estuary on the Black sea coast, located 10 kilometers from Odessa. The length of the estuary is about 31 km and a width of 3.5 km, and the depth of the estuary is not very large, averaging about 3 meters.

Топ-7 лучших мест в Украине для отдыха в палатках. Фото

The estuary is separated from the sea by a sandy-shell spit 5 metres in length and has no connection with the sea. Hajibeyova the bottom of the estuary covered with a layer of black mud that has healing properties.

How to get there:

From Odessa to Hajibeyova estuary is the so-called “reed” tram (route 20).

Biruchiy island, Kherson region

Biruchiy island is a continuation of fedotovoj braids and until 1929 was separated from it by a Strait, which subsequently disappeared as a result of the reclamation of sand, and then formed a continuous Peninsula. The length of the island about 20 km, maximum width up to 5 km. Island located in the sea of Azov.

Топ-7 лучших мест в Украине для отдыха в палатках. Фото

Herald island will impress every tourist

This resort belongs to a conservation area. Practical here the untouched nature, desert, clean beaches, lack of industry and civilization, rare flora and fauna. This place is best suited for those who like a quiet relaxing vacation.

The island has many exotic animals, including domesticated deer, fallow deer, mouflons and foxes and raccoon dogs. Birds – pheasants, swans, egrets and wild ducks. Please note, in order to visit the island tourists need special permission of the Kherson regional Department of forestry

How to get there:

To reach the place by yourself, by car or rail. There are two options for your rail journey. The first – to Genichesk (Kherson region), further by boat to the island (40 min). The second option is by train to Melitopol (Zaporozhye region). Continue by taxi or bus in the direction Kyrylivka, and from there another 20 km by taxi.

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