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These products are the culprits of the sad statistics on heart attacks

Эти продукты – виновники печальной статистики по инфарктам

Experts identified food rich in unhealthy fat.

Foods high in saturated fats, TRANS fats and sodium contribute to the development of processes leading to heart attack – this was warned by experts at the American heart Foundation.

Experts of the Fund was called the popular products that can cause a heart attack. Among these, they identified foods rich in unhealthy fat.

“The type of fat that a person eats, can largely determine the risk of heart attack. Saturated fats and TRANS fats raise the level of cholesterol in the blood and along with this the frequency of heart attacks”, – quotes the edition Express professionals.

Sources of saturated fats are popular products such as butter, chicken skin, palm and coconut oils, fatty meats (beef, lamb, pork), fast food, confectionery and chocolate.

As for TRANS fats, they are mostly made from oils treated by the method of partial hydrogenation. Studies have shown that TRANS fats is able to increase the overall level of cholesterol in blood, LDL cholesterol (“bad”) and triglycerides. Because of such, they can significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, experts warn.

They called the popular products, rich in this type of fat is margarine and vegetable oil, refined vegetable oil, mayonnaise, cakes, chocolate, industrial bakery, popcorn for the microwave.

Also, doctors highlight the dangers of excessive sodium consumption. It increases the risk of heart attack because it holds excess fluid in the body, which creates additional strain on the heart.

“Reducing the amount of salt we eat is the first step towards a healthy heart. Most of the added salt in the diet comes from canned or processed foods such as prepared soups, pastries and frozen dinners,” warned the doctors.

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