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The woman on the Bank of Australia has discovered strange creatures

Женщина на берегу Австралии обнаружила странные существа

Professor of biology helped to identify them.

A resident of the Australian town of Mandurah in Western Australia found on shore of an unusual creature that, according to her, was like “eggs”. The woman took off his mysterious body and a photo posted on the social network.

The photo captures the creation made by the sea on the shore, dark red color.

Users immediately began to speculate that it could be. Thus, some have suggested that this picture is the eggs of some marine creatures or the placenta of a Dolphin.

But the photos caught the eye of a marine biologist from Macquarie University, Professor Columu brown, who said that he is a wandering sea anemone, also known as the swimming anemone, or Phlyctenactis tuberculosa. He dwells near the coast of Western Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and New Zealand.

“They can crawl along the bottom or drift. Day of the tentacles are typically not used, but at night the anemone moves around the tips plant in search of food. Compared to other anemones, swimming anemones — quite agile predators,” added the Australian Museum.

Also pictured were the colonial ascidia.

“Ascidians evolutionary link between invertebrates and vertebrates. They are invertebrates with primitive vertebrate features, such as the appearance of the primitive spine in one stage of their life cycle,” explained the researchers.

According to Coloma brown, none of the found Australian creatures are not dangerous to humans.

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