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The Ukrainian stars have earned 766 million, with one third of them – one presenter

Украинские звезды заработали 766 миллионов: треть из них – одна телеведущая

The names of the celebrities with the largest income is not known.

Ukrainian pop stars, featured presenters, musicians, athletes declared last year obtained revenues amounting to almost 766 million.

About it reports a press-service of the State tax service, Tuesday, July 28.

It is noted that the majority of Ukrainian pop stars and show business officially registered private entrepreneurs. The legislation regulates the cases when they are obliged to submit income declarations.

So, in 2019, Ukrainian stars declare about 766 million of earnings. Of which payable more than 56 million UAH, and almost 7 million of military training.

TOP-Champions of show business and sport, which declared the largest amounts of income:

  • the TV presenter — 261,6 million (34% of the total — Ed.);
  • player — 24.5 million UAH;
  • singer — 15.3 million UAH.

Recall that in 2018, the year many Ukrainian famous artists declared only a few hundred or even tens of hryvnia income. Among these were DZIDZO, the frontman of the band “Boombox” Andrey Khlyvnyuk, Maria Yaremchuk, Maruv and Alexander zarickaja (group KAZKA).

We also reported how the stars earned in quarantine. Record for advertising contracts in social networks — singer and TV presenter Regina todorenko. The cost of one advertising placement in her “Instagrame” — from 500 thousand rubles (€6 000).

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