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The species of fish that can be given to children

Названы виды рыбы, которые можно давать детям

Not all fish is suitable for the fragile body of your child.

Fish is an important and indispensable product in the diet of the child, because it contains many vitamins and minerals. But parents need to know what fish to introduce into your baby’s diet to achieve maximum benefits for the body. On his page in Instagram dietitian of svetalana FUS told what kind of fish can and what cannot be added to children’s diet.

The specialist noted that in 1-3 years the child can be given the lean fish (pike, perch, Pollack, cod, pike, flounder, hake). The meat of such fish fat levels does not exceed 4%. To save all useful substances and vitamins, the nutritionist recommends, fish, or bake, or stew.

Later in your baby’s diet can introduce the fish with a medium fat content (salmon, tuna, trout, salmon, carp, carp). They contain 4-8% fat.

It is known that fish is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and it has a lot of phosphorus and unsaturated fatty acids omega-3. Its usefulness is also determined by the content of complete protein., which are easily digested by the human body.

But in fish of large size may contain a lot of mercury and heavy metals, so it is necessary to be careful.

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