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The Spanish army built a camp for migrant workers

Испанская армия построит лагерь для трудовых мигрантов

The UN has criticized the Spanish authorities over the inhumane detention of seasonal workers.

The Spanish authorities begin construction of camps of migrant workers who arrived in the country on a seasonal strawberry picking.

This decision was taken after the official representative of the United Nations on poverty and human rights, Olivier de Schutter criticized the Spanish authorities for the fact that they let the seasonal workers to live in “inhumane” conditions during a pandemic coronavirus.

In the construction of housing for migrant workers be involved in the Spanish army.

Last week in the slums of migrants, located near the South-West of Huelva, broke out three fires, which injured four people. Public health officials warned that in close settlements of seasonal workers at risk of Contracting coronavirus.

After requests for assistance from local officials, a representative of the Ministry of defense gave its consent to the involvement of soldiers for realization of social project to improve the housing conditions of foreign workers.

Involved in agriculture migrant workers in Spain, most of them Moroccans, are particularly vulnerable to infection with coronavirus. They live and work in conditions of overcrowding and unsanitary conditions. Their settlements often lack water and electricity.

Spain — the most affected by the pandemic coronavirus in Europe country. There is a dangerous disease claimed the lives of more than 28 thousand 400 citizens.

After ending a three-month lockdown in June was 281 new focal disease. More than a quarter of those infected have been discovered in settlements of seasonal workers.

The authorities of Catalonia have introduced a local quarantine Segree and Lleida, following a sharp increase in the number of cases of the coronavirus related to labour migrants.

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