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The Russians record owes

Россияне рекордно задолжали


Debts of Russians to banks and microfinance institutions (MFIs) reached a record in the twenty-first century, a level at 19.9 trillion rubles, follows from the data of the Central Bank, published on its website.

Of them on ruble-denominated debt accounts for 19.7 trillion rubles, nominated in foreign currency — 142,2 billion. From the beginning of 2020, debt growth amounted to 809 billion rubles, or 4.2 percent. Over the past year its size increased by 2.1 trillion.

Credit burden of the population has increased, despite last year’s control measures. Since October, the Central Bank has introduced a premium to the risk coefficients for the loans issued to borrowers with accumulated stress. The risk factor is multiplied by the value of the loan when calculating the capital adequacy ratio of the Bank: in the denominator of the formula indicated total assets (adjusted for risk factors), the numerator — the value of capital.

At the moment, the capital adequacy ratio for most banks is equal to 9.5 per cent for systemically important — eight percent. Increase the risk factors aimed at slowing credit growth — so as to prevent a credit boom and to maintain acceptable quality of service issued loans.

Debt of non-financial sector, according to the Central Bank on July 1, amounted to 44 trillion rubles: of 36.8 trillion was accounted for by loans and 7.1 trillion in bonds and other debt securities.

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