Friday , November 27 2020
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The project fell into eternal ban

Everyone’s favorite organization “Roskomnadzor” sent to eternal ban another popular resource on the Runet. This time the victim fighters for copyright compliance in the Network project fell also known as “Prostopleer”. The resource was useful to many of us, as well as allowing to quickly and conveniently listen to and download music directly from social networks.

The decision to block was taken in November with the filing of the Russian division of Universal Music — the “Roskomnadzor” satisfied the claims of the holders, in which reference was made to the copyright infringement on the song Diana Arbenina. From now on the website will be closed for all residents of our country who aren’t able to use various methods of bypass of locks, but there is a feeling that Russia is actively fighting windmills, because the same songs understand the reason for this can be found on hundreds of foreign trackers and resources.

Previously, we recall, the “Roskomnadzor” was blocked a few large torrents that were used by millions of Russians, but after that, their attendance has only grown, although in the news (except for ours) was put “duck” on that “Other” will be closed soon due to a sharp decline in the number of visits to this site. As Diana Arbenina, we sincerely wish her further creative achievements and new songs. However, they will still get free access, and would have to accept.

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