Tuesday , November 24 2020
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The price of Brent crude oil strengthened above $35 per barrel, WTI is committed to $32

Стоимость нефти Brent закрепилась выше $35 за баррель, WTI стремится к $32

World prices for “black gold” continues to rise during today’s trading on the background of the fact that Iran supported the idea of limiting the extraction of raw materials.

Earlier Thursday, crude oil futures benchmark grade Brent went up by $0.75 to $35,25 per barrel, while futures for WTI — by $0,81 $31,47. On Wednesday prices have risen by 8% after the results of the negotiations with Iran, Reuters reported.

However, according to senior analyst “Alpari” Anna Bodrova, “the position of Iran in relation to the freezing levels of oil production at the January marks did not become clearer for the market: the initiative OPEC and Russia, the country approved, to join but not hurried”.

“Understatement of Iran and the silence of the US in fixing the issue on production levels January can negate all the efforts of Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to stabilize production. Any of the oil producers under conditions of low demand for energy will use the indecision of a competitor to take its niche in the market. Everybody understands it, so until further arrangements to “look one way” situation develops,” — said in comments the expert.

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