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The price of Brent crude oil exceeded $ 40barrel

Цена нефти Brent превысила 40 доллбаррель

In the course of trading on 3 June, the price of Brent crude oil rose above $ 40 a barrel for the first time since March 6. At 10:00 Kyiv time, the price of Brent rose to $40,35 per barrel.

WTI is trading at $37,83 per barrel.

The last time Brent crude was worth more than $40 per barrel per day, when OPEC+ at the meeting in Vienna were unable to agree on the extension of the limits of oil production.

The next day after that, oil prices have fallen sharply to $33 per barrel.

Note that in may, oil again began to rise and on may 19 a barrel of Brent was estimated to be already above $ 35.

According to Bloomberg, now oil is getting more expensive by the expectation that at the next OPEC meeting+ the decision on the extension of the restrictions.

According to one source, Saudi Arabia in favour of retaining the restrictions for one to three months.

We will remind, the OPEC countries+ 12 April agreed to cut oil production to 9.7 million barrels per day in may-June.


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