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The opening of the gas market: how will change the prices for communal Ukrainians

Открытие рынка газа: как изменятся цены на коммуналку для украинцев

Rates will change with the beginning of the heating season.

In Ukraine from 1 August it will open the gas market, and this means that every consumer will be able to choose the supplier of blue fuel on their own. Currently, the regulation of gas prices for households is carried out by the Cabinet.

It is set in accordance with the special obligations of Naftogaz and the subsidiary to sell gas to the Ukrainians at a discounted rate – not higher than the average actual prices on the Dutch TTF gas hub plus the cost of shipping. Special obligations government decree has extended from 1 July to 1 August.

Now gas prices will depend on suppliers and market conditions. For Ukrainians, this means that with the advent of the heating season, the price of gas will rise. Politicians can no longer restrain the growth of tariffs and to influence them.

From 2015 on, the Ukrainians are allowed to change gas supplier. This procedure is difficult, and people rarely refer to it.

If previously, it took about three months, then later rules simplified. Now, it is sufficient to send the notification that you want to change gas supplier. Do not have even to repay debts to the previous supplier to enter into a contract with a new one.

The sad thing is that the cost of natural gas now no one will not be controlled. The only time – if the supplier will take advantage of the lack of alternatives and will decide to significantly raise prices, it will be possible to complain to the Antimonopoly Committee.

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