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The number of oil and gas installations has been falling for the sixth month in a row

Число нефтегазовых установок в мире уменьшается шестой месяц подряд

The number of working oil and gas rigs in the world in February 2016 fell for the sixth month in a row, follows from the review of U.S. oil services company Baker Hughes.

On average last month in the world worked 1 thousand 761 installation, which is the lowest level since may 2002, when their number amounted to 1 658 thousand. The February level 130 below the amount of drilling in January this year and 225 for 1 thousand less than in February 2015, reports “Finmarket”.

In the U.S. the number of installations over the past month fell to 122 and amounted to 532, the lowest level since may 1999 (516). In Canada, on the contrary, their number increased by 19 to 211. Thus, the share of North America in February accounted for 42.2% of the working rigs in the world against 44.7% in the previous month and 57.3% in the same month a year earlier.

In Europe the number of rigs in the past month decreased by 1 to 107 — the lowest level since the end of 2010; in the middle East 3 (404); in Africa — 6 (up to 88, at least since may 2012). In Latin America in February worked 237 drilling (decrease by 6 compared to January), the lowest figure since March 2003. In the Asia-Pacific region was recorded the lowest level since December 2003 — 182 setup (down 11).

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