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The next increase of pensions: who and how many added

Очередное повышение пенсий: кому и сколько добавили

How have the payments.

The Ukrainians once again increased pensions from 1 July in connection with the planned increase in social standards, the minimum pension rose to 1712 UAH (+UAH 74). But in addition to the increase of pensions to recipients of minimum pensions increased and other categories of pensioners.

To whom and how much was added and what else can expect seniors this year, read in a material:

Who gets how much

According to the Pension Fund (PFCs), on July 1, 2020 Ukraine, there were 11 million 241 thousand 834 pensioner. Almost 94 thousand people less than on 1 January 2020. There could be more, but the retirement age for Ukrainian women is on the rise again. The average pension in Ukraine UAH 3354 is on 271 UAH more than on 1 January 2020. But the range of beneficiaries is significant – the minimum pension is half the average, and the maximum possible – 5 times more. How many pensioners receive some pension – see infographic.

As can be seen, the largest number of pensioners have a pension from 2000 to 3000 hryvnias, almost half of 45.9%, or more than 5 million people. Every sixth pensioner has a pension of RS 1500 to 2000, every seventh – from 3000 to 4000 UAH, every twelfth – from 4000 to 5000 UAH. Interestingly, in Ukraine the people who are receiving pensions of more than 5000 UAH, more than those who receive 4-5 thousand UAH – such a pensioner of nine. Finally, 2.9% of people, or three out of a hundred, have earned a pension of more than 10 thousand UAH. There are more than 332 thousand persons, including about 20 thousand “of superpersonal” having a maximum today of pension which is equal to ten times the minimum -17 120 UAH. That is, every five hundredth.

According to experts, to now earn a higher pension, you need to have the average official salary for all years of employment experience of not less than 60 thousand UAH a month. That is, we obtain now retired in 10 minimum – it’s mostly spetspensii: MPs, civil servants and security officials of high rank, researchers, when they reached 80% of earnings is almost three times higher than for normal retirement pensions. These special pensions are not assigned in may 2016.

As explained to us in Pensfond, there are still people who get a lot more to 100 thousand UAH and more every month. But legally this is not a pension, and payments from the state, for example, life-long maintenance of the judges. Judges-we retired a little, a few hundred.
And one more thing – the amount of pension is different from the size of the pension payments. Pension, as can be seen from the graphs, it can be less than the subsistence minimum for the disabled, and pension payment – can not. Therefore, the minimum amount from 1 July get pensioners equal to UAH 1712, them to prozhminimuma paid by the state. This means that in fact the pension is not less than UAH 1712 is estimated to receive about 1 million pensioners, or nearly 10%.

When compared with the 2019 year

For the first half of 2020 the number of pensioners receiving higher pensions, increased. Increased the percentage of those who had pensions from 2000 to 3000 UAH, these became more 11.7% (600 thousand people). Those who had a pension of up to 2000 UAH, was down 18.4 percent (340 thousand people). 2.5% (40 thousand people) became more retirees with pensions from 4000 to 5000 UAH 1.6% (14 thousand people) became more retirees with pensions from 5000 to 10 000 UAH. Finally, the number of recipients of pensions in excess of 10 thousand UAH increased by 2.1% (7 thousand people).

Who added more all

According to experts, after the increase of social standards, pensions increased, at least symbolically, about 3 million people, or 30% of pensioners.

Will benefit from higher pensions to those who have they were so high. For example, the maximum pension amounting to 10 minimum, have grown by UAH 740. But they will pay only on the condition that such pensioner had received a “stripped-down” retirement – that is, he was supposed to, let’s say 17 500 UAH, pensions, and according to the law until 1 July 2020, could not receive more than 16 380 UAH.

Increased pensions to some categories of pensioners, at the expense of the allowances, calculated as a percentage of the subsistence minimum. People in war – they have, depending on group of disability pension increased by 266-481 UAH, invalids of Chernobyl – pensions rose to $ 166.5-211 UAH combatants – 121 UAH. In addition, each of these categories received an additional allowance from 11 to 37 UAH.

The miners added for 222 UAH. Retirement of honourable donors (40 or more free delivery of blood of at least 400 g at once), having an extra allowance of 10% of the subsistence minimum, and not just for seniors, but for able-bodied increased by 9.1 UAH. Seniors with special merits in front of Ukraine (order bearer, having the title of “national” or “deserved”) in addition received from 14.8 to 29.6 UAH.

74 UAH (+4,6%) began to receive more than those who had a minimum pension or pension benefit. That is pensioners, who, being able-bodied, have not earned sufficient pension for seniority (he is now 27 years old), and even not earning experience at all, added as much as those who earned at least minimum.

Who added little or nothing

But other retirees who receive retirement pensions higher than the new minimum (1712 UAH), did not add anything or their increase was insignificant – from 74 cents to 10-15 UAH. This so-called additional payments for seniority – 1% of the minimum pension for every additional year worked over 35 years for men and over 30 for women. Since July 1, the surcharge increased by 74 kopecks. For example, a woman with 38 years of seniority will receive an additional pension of about 6 (0,74х8=5,92) UAH.
Not changed pensions for working pensioners, civil servants, researchers, assistants, deputies and those to whom pensions were assigned to 2019-20 years.

Experts: Retirees will be less

Experts on pension issues said that almost half of the pensioners have small pensions because they were either low salaries or lack of experience.
“The majority of those pensioners who started to work 45-50 years ago, sufficient work experience, 35-40 years or more, but the salary was small, and therefore the pensions they are not much above the minimum, – explained ex-the Deputy head of the Pension Fund, and now independent expert Viktor Kolbun. – Now the situation for pensioners is changing, for the worse: pensionable service is increased every year and by 2028 will reach 35 years.

Many people born in 1968 and later, you may not get out in time to retire, as in the “dashing 90” and “zero” they worked illegally and will not have such a great experience. They will have to work another 3-5 years to earn at least the minimum pension. Therefore, pensioners in 10 years will be less, and average pensions will grow much slower than now.”

Vice-President of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Viktor Skarshevsky also noted that the seniors every year is getting smaller, but this trend is slowing.

“In 2016, we had an appointment 398 thousand of pensions and pensioners has been reduced by 340 thousand people, – said Viktor Skarshevsky. – The number of pensioners since then, has decreased from 12.4 million people to the current of 11.24 million people, or 10%. But the trend in the decline each year is slowing. In this case, from 2019 pensions began to be assigned more in 2018 appeared 353 thousand new pensioners, and in 2019 – 379 thousand

Therefore, it is difficult to say where will the trend on the one hand, the insurance period is increasing, the other – the year 2021 will add a 60 year old women-pensioners, the third – according to the state service statistics, we have a little bit, but increases life expectancy. Most likely in the coming years, pensioners are much less will not. Therefore, if you do not start to recover the economy of Ukraine, not only to raise pensions, but even just to pay them will be more difficult”.

Expect another increase

From 1 December there will be another increase in the subsistence minimum for persons incapacitated by 54 UAH to UAH 1769. This means that the minimum pension will also increase until 1769 hryvnia (over the year by 8%) and a maximum of 17 to 690 USD. Copayment for each year the excess length of service will rise by 57 cents. Other allowances also will increase in proportion.

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