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The new head of the NBU has updated the Declaration

Новый глава НБУ обновил декларацию

Shevchenko said in her expensive wristwatch, bracelets and headsets.

The new head of the National Bank of Ukraine Kyrylo Shevchenko has changed the data in the income Declaration and added back the account in a Swiss Bank, several expensive watches, jewelry, coats.

In particular, the head of the NBU indicated that it received 1 million 305 thousand 350 hryvnias per cent in the Swiss Bank Lombard of Odier and Co. LTD. Also, together with his wife in the Bank Shevchenko holds more than $ 3 million and nearly 10 thousand euros.

Shevchenko also pointed out the ATV Outlader MAX LTD 1000R 2018.

The head of the NBU pointed out the two expensive men’s watches 7 women’s watches made of precious metals with a scattering of precious stones, 4 women’s wrist bracelet is made of precious metals and loose gemstones, 5 sets (earrings, ring and necklaces made of precious metals), 2 rings of precious metals with a gemstone and two pair of valuable earrings, handbags Hermes and two women’s Maurizio Braschi fur coats.

On the eve of the Shevchenko has also filed a statement of material changes in the property status, which indicated an income of 3 million 436 thousand 230 hryvnias from the alienation of securities and corporate rights.

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