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The Network has compared the prices of used cars in Ukraine and Germany

В Сети сравнили цены на подержанные авто в Украине и Германии

The difference is really impressive.

It is no secret that the prices on the Ukrainian market for used cars is frankly overrated. Another thing is Germany — there are used cars you can buy much cheaper.

About this in his video told YouTube blogger Yevgeny Rublev.

He visited one of the car markets in Ukraine, where she learned the price of the machine (in the budget up to $5000) and compared them with the prices in the ads listed on German online sites (for example, on the popular website

In comparison, the involved cars of the same makes and models in the same configuration, and with roughly similar mileage and condition. And this is what came of it.

  • Opel Astra 2008: Ukraine – $6200, Germany – $2514;
  • Opel Vectra 2003: Ukraine – $5900, Germany – $1466;
  • Opel Vectra 1997: Ukraine – $3900, Germany – $553;
  • VW Golf 2003: Ukraine – $4999, Germany – $677;
  • Audi A6 2000: Ukraine – $4500, Germany – $1257;
  • Audi A4 2003: Ukraine – $5400, Germany – $1143;
  • Peugeot 407 2005: Ukraine – $5800, Germany – $1314.

As you can see, the difference in cost is very noticeable: an average car in Germany budget category are 3-4 times cheaper. Of course, that car was in the Ukraine, it is necessary to bring and clear. And it costs a lot of money.

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