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The man accused of the cat in the unplanned pregnancy of his wife

Мужчина обвинил кота в незапланированной беременности своей жены

The man amused funny story.

The user of the website Reddit called my cat guilty in the second pregnancy of his wife. Couple after the birth of first child in the last year while children are not wanted and used protection, but the animal has done its job.

The couple a year ago had our first child. They decided to wait with the second baby. The husband and wife used condoms during intimate relations.

However, despite protected sex, the woman discovered that she was pregnant again. Husband is shocked and he could not understand how it happened.

One day he carefully checked the drawer in which was kept the “rubber products” and guessed who the culprit is in the pregnancy of his wife.

Next to the condoms lay ear stick, which likes to play cat spouses. Apparently, seeing his “toy”, the animal picked up the paw not only sticks, but also a packet of condoms, having them sharp claws micro holes, and that was the reason of pregnancy of the mistress.

A user joked that he cannot wait for the day when you tell the story of her future child.

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