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The main antitrend: things that should not be place in a summer wardrobe. Photo

Главные антитренды: вещи, которым не должно быть места в летнем гардеробе. Фото

For those who follow fashion.

Not so long ago these things were fashionable women worldwide, and today they are no longer relevant. What items have been added to the list of fashionable antitrend than replace them in the summer of 2020? Understand this material.

The Reverse Trend No. 1: Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are slowly but surely losing out. Yes, in the summer of 2020 you can still wear them, following the example of Emily Ratajkowski and Irina Shayk. But if they aren’t in your closet, then definitely not worth buying. This thing is unlikely to be as relevant in the near future.

Alternative: Athletic shorts

If you close the relaxed sporty style, replace bike Cycling short Jersey shorts. Fashion bloggers are such not only in space and combine with stylish jackets, crop tops and shirts to go out. Take an example.

The reverse trend # 2: the Linen tops with lace

This seductive garment in the summer of 2020 will look a bit… old-Fashioned. Although, at the same time, a similar model, but without the lace, still has a place in your wardrobe. As well as sexy slip-dress.

Alternative: Top corset

Yes, the linen top was even more sexy alternative to the top corset. Thin straps or even without them, he looks very hot and pairs perfectly with jeans and flowing, feminine skirts.

The reverse trend No. 3: Pearl Bobby pins

Last summer everyone went crazy for this fashionable accessory. Today, the pearl looks relevant only for earrings, necklaces and minimal bracelets. Especially in combination with bright beads.

Alternative: Clip-crab

The triumphant return of the accessory, originally from 2000’s. hair-crab will be a real rescue for long haired girls to beautiful to remove the hair from your face, and not be so pull the curls like your favorite bundle.

The reverse trend No. 4: Gladiator Sandals

Such footwear is quite versatile and will always find its fans. But it looks rather boring, I agree. Moreover, in the summer of 2020 there are so many bright and stylish Shoe trends that just can’t wait to try it.

Alternative: Massive sports sandals

Hit last and this summer. Stylish, unusual and very comfortable, these sandals will appear in your collection. Having tried them once, did not want to remove.

The reverse trend No. 5: t-Shirt with large print

Something that will always be on the shelves, but rarely looks stylish enough. Regarding t-shirts and tops there’s only one fashion rule: the simpler the better. Minimalistic tank tops and t-shirts without pictures and unnecessary decoration will become a great basis for any outfit and will never spoil him.

Alternative: Top with shoulder pads

A little rough and masculine, he immediately won the love of fashionistas around the world. They, by the way, combine this stylish top with trendy jeans, fashion accessories (massive gold necklace or a colorful bead necklace would be just right) and flowing skirts.

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