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The guy was embarrassed, making a proposal to the girl

Парень оконфузился, делая девушке предложение

This did not prevent the recognition.

American named Logan decided to make for his beloved Mary’s romantic proposal of marriage. To this end, he invited the girl for a walk along lake Michigan, but something went wrong. Now this day will be remembered the pair for the rest of my life.

The video shows how Logan comes to his beloved to propose to her. In the process, he accidentally steps on the algae and epic falls into the water, holding the box with the wedding ring.

In spite of a curious incident in American rose quickly and offered his beloved to marry him. She happily agreed, barely holding back laughter.

“He fell so hard. I’m excited, but first you need to stop laughing”, – commented Maria on his personal page in Facebook.

The video appeared on a page bride at Facebook, where he collected almost 50 thousand views and 205 comments.

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