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The guy found a fun way to surprise a girl during a proposal of marriage

Парень нашел забавный способ удивить девушку во время предложения руки и сердца

He played the bride, pretending that he had dropped the ring box into the river.

Seiden Gillett decided to propose to his sweetheart by the name of Courtney. The guy chose a very picturesque place — the foot of the waterfall of Mesa Potamos, Cyprus. However, the young man decided to play Courtney, which, apparently is a love confession will be remembered for a lifetime.

Seiden shared video TikTok and video every day becoming more popular.

The footage he stands bewildered in front of his beloved on one knee and hands her a box. Then the guy is awkward and the box flies into the abyss.

The young man starts having “killed” and the girl experienced a real shock. She walked to the edge of the cliff and into the raging stream of water trying to see the cherished box.
However, after a couple of minutes Seiden still upset gives Courtney the real box with the ring.

The video with the reaction of the girls to the incident has garnered over one million views.

“Please, be safe when you’re trying to be creative”, signed live prudently Gillett.


Please be safe when you’re trying to be creative🥺😣 #fail #proposal #nature #idaho #fyp #foryoupage #tiktok #tiktokfails #staysafe 

♬ Surrender — Natalie Taylor

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