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The Frenchman has received 50 thousand euros due to the complaints of boring work

Француз получил 50 тысяч евро из-за жалоб на скучную работу

Boring job allegedly caused harm to the man.

Fellow French company Interparfums Frederick Denar complained to the court at his boring job. The man said that it was causing him depression, and received for it of 50 thousand euros.

Sometimes workers are suing employers because of too heavy working conditions. But here the situation was different – the former employee of the French company Interparfums Frederick Denar decided to sue because of boring work and lack of responsibilities, because it led to serious depression.

Denar said that in the period from 2010 to 2014, he was given only minor responsibilities is serious work. For example, he had to configure the tablet chief. “I was ashamed to receive money for what I’m not doing anything,” he says.

Because of such boring work, the man suffered burnout. Besides, it binds with stress and lack of motivation at work and the emergence of epileptic seizures.

Already in September 2014, frédéric was dismissed due to prolonged absence from work. Moreover, lawyers said that the man they complained about the lack of responsibilities.

However, the Denar in 2016 sued and demanded compensation from the employer in the amount of 360 thousand euros. The court two years to solve the case and subsequently granted the petition, but only partially – Frederic got behind a boring job only 50 000 Euro.

Note that at first the court ruled that a Denar need to pay 1000 euros for libelling former employer, but after several years of litigation the court ruled in favor of the Dinar, giving him 50 thousand euros in compensation.

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