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The explosion in Beirut: the loss is estimated at 3-5 billion

Взрыв в Бейруте: убытки оценивают в 3-5 миллиардов долларов

The damage from the explosion can be much higher.

Beirut authorities assess the damage from the explosion at the port of 3-5 billion dollars, announced Wednesday, August 5, the Governor Marwan Abboud.

“The damage ranges from three to five billion dollars, and possibly more. Hundreds of residents of Beirut were left without housing,” he said.

Abboud also announced the deaths of 10 firefighters to the scene of the incident.

In turn, the Minister of health of Lebanon Hamad Hassan in interview to TV channel Sky News Arabia reported that after the explosion, hospitals in the capital and its surroundings was crowded with the wounded, and doctors have adequate medical facilities.

“To date, we have data about four thousand victims, many of whom still have not received medical care because of a shortage of beds in hospitals both in the capital and beyond, because they are overflowing with the wounded,” said Hassan.

According to the Minister, the explosion completely destroyed four Metropolitan hospitals, which were in them the patients had to be accommodated in other hospitals. This, said Hassan, has exacerbated the problem, turning the “crisis in epidemiological catastrophe.”

The official also added that the situation with the wounded is significantly complicated by dissemination of the coronavirus.

Assessing the current state of Affairs, Hassan described it as “a catastrophe in the full sense of the word.”

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