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The economy Ministry told how to change pensions and salaries in the next 3 years

В Минэкономики рассказали, как изменятся пенсии и зарплаты в ближайшие 3 года

What are your plans in the Cabinet.

Ukraine in 2021-m minimum pension for those aged 65 years and fulfilled the norm for length of service will increase to 2500 UAH, 2022 – 2680 UAH, and in 2023-m – 2870 UAH. This follows from the estimates on the increase in the minimum wage published by the Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture.

They estimated the average minimum salary in 2021-m will be 6UAH 250, 2022 – 6700 UAH (growth by 7.2%), 2023 – 7176 UAH (plus 7.1 percent). According to the law, the pension for those that have fulfilled the conditions of service and reached 65 years of age, should be not less than 40% of the minimal salary.

This year is 1889 UAH, however, with the growth of salaries will increase this figure. Note, according to the Ministry, next year the Ukrainians on average will earn 12.1 percent more. It is important to note that this is not to say that we will become a richer part of increased wage inflation will eat. In 2022 the average fee will increase by 6% and in 2023 by another 5.1 percent.

How to increase average salaries:

  • in 2021-m – 13 632 UAH;
  • 2022 – 15 414 UAH;
  • 2023 – 17 169 UAH.

In 2021-m, according to their estimates, prices will rise by 8.1%, 2022 – by 6.25% and in 2023, which is 6.7%. It is worth noting that the level of inflation in Ukraine is the national Bank.

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