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The dog saved a man from a falling tree

Собака спасла мужчину от падающего дерева

The animal dragged the owner from the place of incident.

In England, the dog saved the life of his master, when he nearly fell the tree.

A four-legged friend breed of Schnauzer Betty BU pulled Brand the Browser from the falling tree. It all happened in a matter of seconds that saved the life of a man.

Собака спасла мужчину от падающего дерева

“I just got back from work, and, as usual, Betty was very happy to see me. We went for an evening stroll through the street and was very quiet Sunny evening with no wind or anything else, when I heard something in the tree. I raised my head, expecting to see a squirrel or cat, and couldn’t find anything, but I knew that there must be something because a tiny branch fell, too. Suddenly I felt this weird shaking, and Betty, which is very strong, dragged me aside,” — said Brouse.

According to him, almost immediately to this place where he had stood, dropped a giant tree. It destroyed a nearby wall.“People ran out of their homes, but I was frozen in shock, because I realized that was just milliseconds from disaster, if Betty pulled me”, — said the owner of the dog for fun.

Собака спасла мужчину от падающего дерева

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