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These three plants dangerous to the health of the household

Became known, some flowers in pots it is better not to buy for the house. You should avoid these three species that have taken root in our apartments – they can be extremely dangerous, especially for young children, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to Zdravoe. Dieffenbachia. A common shade plant …

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Plants repel mosquitoes – scientists

Scientists from India found that a number of plants and herbs can deter mosquitoes and other insects. So people can protect themselves from pests and weed their own apartment. Author Bella Gupta said that the most effective protection from mosquitoes is breeding in the room, mint, Basil, thyme and lemon …

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Climate change is forcing plants to “migrate”

According to the study, because of climate change, some species can “migrate”. A team of biologists from the Wisconsin and Aarhus universities in Denmark and Madison found out the degree of influence of climatic changes on populations of plants of various kinds. The research appeared in popular science edition of …

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In the United States began the sale of nuclear power plants

Company Tennessee Valley Authority decided to finish construction of the Bellefonte nuclear plant, on which the Americans worked for more than thirty years, and to sell to any interested person. The station includes two reactors, which are at different stages of construction: one is almost finished, and the second only …

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