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US planned the collapse of Russia in 2015 year

Interesting surfaced from the archives. Publication “Echo of Moscow” dated April 28, 2004, which stated the CIA predictions about the collapse of Russia in 2015 in several States. This article on the website anymore. The name remains, but clicking on the link to see the hastily concocted “news” about hockey… …

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Libya has planned to double oil production by year-end

Libya plans in the next two weeks to increase oil production from the current 400 thousand barrels per day to 550 thousand, and by the end of the year to increase this figure up to 900 thousand barrels. About it writes The Wall Street Journal, citing the Libyan National oil …

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In Germany arrested a teenager who planned the attack

The teenager was chatting with the Munich marksman.The police of the Federal state of Baden-württemberg detained 15-the summer teenager who planned the attack on students at his school. Their plans he shared in a chat with 18-year-old offender who started a fire in a shopping center in Munich, announced on …

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As planned harm to the Soviet state

In the comments to my article “the passion of the Soviet passport” was touched upon a very interesting subject that I would particularly like to pay attention to. In any military school of the Soviet Union learned the same motley crowd, what was the entire population of the country at …

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Advantages planned economy

A planned economy is necessary for Russia’s development, only she can lead the country out of the crisis, raise industry and agriculture!   A planned economyis an economic order in which material resources are publicly owned and allocated centrally, it requires individuals and enterprises to act in accordance with centralized …

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Planned economy and a ruling pen

In ancient times, when the young beautiful girls were given free of charge, and the country was called the unbreakable Union of free republics, the economy in this very unbreakable was that neither is planned. In a large building on a street that is now called Okhotny Ryad, and formerly …

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