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In a thrift store found a unique picture Given

This is a godsend! Employee commissary in the American town of kitty hawk in North Carolina Wendy Hawkins accidentally students admitted to the institution of goods found a painting of Salvador Dali. The woman took pictures before you place them on the shelves of retail establishments. One of the artwork …

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Lady Gaga showed a romantic picture with new boyfriend

The pair has made no secret of relationship. The flamboyant American pop star Lady Gaga not long kept in secret the name of her new admirer. Currently, the singer meets a pretty successful and intelligent businessman Michael Polanski and vykladyvat in social networks racy photos in the arms of a …

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Ukraine returned the picture, taken during world war II

In Ukraine culminated a two-year Saga with the return to the country of a valuable painting “the Secret departure of Ivan the terrible before the oprichnina.” The work of artist Mikhail Panin, the famous pupil of Ilya Repin, was initially stored in Dnipropetrovsk art Museum. After the city’s occupation by …

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Kim Kardashian has shared a touching picture of his sons

The star shared a touching picture. Popular American reality star Kim Kardashian, who recently first close-up showed the face of a newborn son, again has pleased fans of the family, writes the with reference to TSN. So, a celebrity on his page on Instagram posted a touching picture with …

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In the picture of mercury I spotted a UFO

Popular ufologist Scott Waring again shocked by her discoveries. This time virtual researcher found in the picture of mercury unidentified flying object near the planet. According to Scott Waring, he had noticed a strange object in NASA photos, but then it has been suggested that it is a reflection of …

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Famous Russian actor fell out of favor because of this picture

Unhappy in Russia tour pashinina. The Russians expressed in the network resentment posted on the official website of the Palace of culture named after Kirov in the city of Kopeisk, Chelyabinsk region posters with actor Anatoliy Malininym. This is evidenced by a post on the Facebook page “reports from the …

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