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How to restore your liver after the holidays and picnic

Not so long ago was a series of feasts and picnics, after which you have to restore your liver. During holidays and picnics many of us are overly fond of eating large amounts of greasy, spicy, high-calorie foods and alcohol. All this naturally affected the condition of the liver, which …

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The best seats for the may picnic

Tips on where is best to spend a may weekend. May – the traditional time picnic. To escape from the concrete jungle of the city, to escape from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the beauty of nature in spring, breathe fresh air filled with an incredible bouquet of flavors – …

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How to escape from the ticks on a picnic

The doctors said that you need to do to avoid tick bites. Ticks are vectors of more than 50 different diseases, the most dangerous of which is a viral tick-borne encephalitis, tick-borne borreliosis, Marseilles fever, and severe allergic reactions. As noted by associate Professor of the Department of Zoology ONU …

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