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Physicists have created a crystal time

The existence of crystal demonstrates the violation of temporal symmetry. American physicists-experimenters have created the world’s first quantum crystal, the existence of which demonstrates the violation of temporal symmetry. Preprint published on the website Scientists have developed the object is a group of ions of ytterbium located relative to …

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Physicists have learned to slow down the speed of light

Opening physicists will certainly help create a light ultra-fast computers and displays. Interesting news came from two scientific institutions – Technological University Toyohashi and MSU employees who have found a way to control the speed of propagation of light in the environment. This discovery will be the basis for the …

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Physicists have learned to manipulate objects with sound

For this, they used a sequence of frequencies at which the objects moved along the nodal lines for the calculated trajectories.Scientists have learned to control the movement of objects using sound. Due to the high accuracy method, the researchers managed to even write the words, by controlling the objects through …

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Physicists have learned to read a closed book

Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of technology has made another amazing discovery. They have developed a device that allows you to read the book without even opening it. This became possible thanks to terahertz radiation (THz). A unique property of this radiation — the ability to make transparent the various …

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