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In the nose of a person found an effective antibiotic

The human nose contains bacteria that produce an effective antibiotic. It found the German bacteriologist from the University of Tubingen, who wanted to determine the reasons why in the nasal cavity, only two-thirds of all people live and breed Staphylococcus aureus. The study is published in the journal Nature. In …

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Proven ability of a person to see a photon

The new work of scientists indicates the ability of the eyes to track one electromagnetic quantum. Physicists from Austria, USA and great Britain proved the ability of the human eye to directly observe a single photon. A study published in the journal Nature Communications. Scientists have developed a light source …

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The power of others affects a person

British scientists while another study found that the environment has an impact on the daily diet. This theme relates to the principles of proper nutrition. Professors from the University of Birmingham spoke about social behavior. Thus, the taste of a man is absolutely dependent on its environment. The experts analyzed …

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Scientists have discovered what determines a person’s character

They believe that it is not only in the education and human environment. There are many ways and epithets to describe someone’s character – for example, “is talkative” “hard-working”, “organized”… Psychologists have long found that many traits often go hand in hand and placed them in five comprehensive categories: “introversion-extraversion”, …

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Person Parking the ancient Neolithic discovered in Yakutia

History students from Yakutia have found Parking of primitive people. Parking ancient man Neolithic era was found by a group of students of the Yakut history Department. The discovery was further proof of the lives of people several thousand years ago in this harsh region. Discovered an ancient Park located …

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How antidepressants affect a person’s character

Scientists told about the dangers of antidepressants.American scientists from the University of Chicago reported that the results of their recent studies have shown that antidepressants can change some personality traits. As stated in the report, scientists conducted studies on rats, and those rodents who were given antidepressants were less sensitive …

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