Friday , September 25 2020
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France began dismantling the camps of migrants “Jungle”

The operation to dismantle the camp is mostly quiet. Workers with sledgehammers began dismantling the camp “the Jungle” in Calais French, the police with water cannons guarded the territory, while living in the “Jungle”, the migrants wait for their further resettlement to other French camps. It is reported that French …

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Green roofs Korean concrete jungle. Photo

Here the maximum use of the roof. The living space of the residents of cities a long time ago taken away not just the trees, and the jungle of glass and concrete, with the result that greenery in cities is becoming less and less. Many cities have already faced this …

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The Vietnamese 40 years hiding in jungle from war

Father and son hid from American bombing 40 years. A man and his son, over 40 years hiding from U.S. bombing in the forests of Vietnam, returned to civilization. Van Thanh and his son Ho van lang came under attack of the US air force in 1972. The American bombing …

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Unusual flat, like a tropical jungle. Photo

The living area makes it special.In recent years one of the trends in design of urban apartments is their landscaping. A young Italian family from Milan managed to create in his small apartment not just a green area, and the whole tropics. The design of this apartment is doing the …

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