Sunday , September 20 2020
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Lyashko angry is not a joke

Watching the brew that is prepared in Rada, probably the first time he saw a Deputy of the radical Lyashko in such fierce arousal. Seemingly, the reason they have there is more than enough. And the economy, to put it mildly, not a fountain, and to Finance God knows what’s …

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Why Belarusian economy repeats an old joke

In the previous article we were talking about the instruments (institutions) needed to bring our economy out of the crisis. Continuing the theme, we note that the choice of those or other tools, of a system of economic governance strongly depends on the purpose of a particular model of the …

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Saakashvili is not a joke open up

Apparently, the sultry disgraced Georgian was able to organize a reliable channel for procurement of a loved one cocaine of the highest quality. Why do I say that? Yes, because in the last few months, Michiko began to cut the plain truth where necessary and where not necessary: all of …

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