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It’s shocking: hygiene women in Europe recent past

It is widely known, in any unsanitary conditions people lived Medieval times. But few realize what hygienic problems disappeared also for frilly dresses Rococo and romantic appearance of the heroines of early nineteenth-century… Such airy beauty and had no idea about the many benefits of civilization that are familiar to …

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It’s easy to be “black”

In Israel hate “blacks more than anywhere else. It’s not about skin color, and black hats, the lapserdaki, coats and sidelocks. They define themselves as haredim — the “God-fearing”. Others call them ultra-Orthodox. They say that they sit on the neck of the state, do not serve in the army …

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The crisis is over. It’s time to celebrate, brother?

The Russian talkers and promoters bursting with pride on the endless “wins” the “great Power” and hasten to share triumphant with “the common people”. Not had time to rejoice in the news of recognition of the Crimea Russia “Venetian Parliament,” how came the news of the imminent recognition of the …

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Crimea for two years is part of Russia – it’s time to lift sanctions

<address class=”article-magazine article-header-magazine-top”>Cato Institute, USA</address> the <small>© RIA Novosti Maxim Blinov | go to photo Bank</small> 07.05.2016 Doug Bando (Douglas “Doug” Bandow) Two years ago, Russia annexed the Crimea from Ukraine. After that the Western allies imposed economic sanctions, but their impact was insignificant. No one believes that Crimea, a …

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Antitrend: why it’s time to say goodbye

Remember the well-known phrase: “you Can take the girl out of the village, but the village of girls never.” The meaning of this phrase is that the lack of education and training to fill is hard enough. Difficult. But if you really want, everything is possible. After all, the miraculous …

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