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ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack in Orlando

The militants have claimed responsibility for the mass murder at gay club Orlando. Grouping “Islamic state” claimed responsibility for the killing of 50 people in a gay club in Orlando, Florida. “Attack on gay club in Orlando, Florida, in which 50 were killed and over 50 injured, was organized by …

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ISIL came in Syria and Iraq.

According to the UN, is militants have spread beyond the occupied territories of Syria and Iraq. The United nation in their report notes that the terrorist group Islamic state moved on to the next stage of its existence and transferred its operations outside of Syria and Iraq. The UN report …

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ISIL terrorists have invented a new kind of penalty

At the fault of the militants will be severely punished. Erring militants tied to trees and lowered them to the hungry dogs who tear to pieces condemned. A new kind of penalty applies to the commanders of the ISIL, who were accused of cowardice (leaving the position) or the desertion …

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Turkey ready to defeat ISIL in Syria – Erdogan

We will solve this problem on their own, if we do not receive assistance, Erdogan said.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his government is ready to act against militants LIH in Syria and Iraq because of the constant shelling of the city of Kilis, located on the Turkish-Syrian border, …

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ISIL terrorists took control of the largest gas field Syria

The militants suddenly appeared in the rear of the Syrian forces. The militants of the “Islamic state” captured the main gas field ash-Shaer in the East of Syria. According to the report, the Islamists took control of production facilities, destroyed at least 30 Syrian army soldiers and took possession of …

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ISIL suffers from a shortage of money and cut salaries

Fighters banned in Russia the terrorist group “Islamic state” reduce the salaries of the mercenaries. As writes British newspaper the Telegraph, a number of factors are forcing ISIS to cut their costs. According to journalists, airstrikes that put ATT the Russian Federation and aircraft of the coalition, forcing the terrorists …

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