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Rostislav Ishchenko: Putin’s ultimatum

  After the decree of the President of the Russian Federation to suspend the implementation by Russia of agreements with U.S. weapons-grade plutonium and submit the bill to the State Duma in the media started a debate about whether this is due to a rupture of a deal on Syria. …

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Left alone doomed (Rostislav Ishchenko)

Policy — a system developing according to General rules of strategy, typical for such systems as chess and war. In the same way in which the system “chess” makes the system “war”, “war” simplify “politics.” In fact, the war is just one of the private, not the most effective and, …

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“Dill”: the black bar or bad being a Ishchenko

Who is Rostislav Ishchenko huge number of readers interested in the policy, need not be explained. Who Tsymbalyuk – too many people know. Some know this Tsimbalyuk, as a bright idiot, the personification of the Ukrainian press in the international format. This is the Ukrainian Smishno’re the weird one figure, …

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Rostislav Ishchenko: Donbass zugzwang

If all the conspiracy theorists “analyzing” the actions of the American administration with the same biased insistence that the Kremlin’s actions, the phrase “Obama leaked” would be the mild formulation suitable to describe the reality. However, critics of Russian policy to “Patriotic” positions would argue that the “weak Putin” lost …

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