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The Italians invented the “invisible” solar panels

Italian engineering firm Dyaqua created “invisible” solar panels. Invisible, of course, not to call, they are perfectly clear, another thing is that to understand what is solar panels — it is impossible. “Dyaqua have developed panels which can be disguised as any material and use them as a facing of …

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Scientists have discovered an “invisible” comet

Specialists from the Slooh Observatory were able to confirm that the “invisible” comet is really there. Astronomers from the Observatory Slooh published online the invisible to the human eye comet C/R3 2016. The first object was noticed by the inhabitant of the Crimea Gennady Borisov in September of this year. …

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In the ocean of the unknown “fish-invisible”

Australian scientists have discovered two new species of deep-sea luminous fishes. Scientists from Australia have managed to open two new species of glowing fish. It turned out that the found samples belong to opisthoproctidae family. Experts noted that representatives of this species inhabit the waters of the Atlantic, Indian and …

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Scientists have made an object invisible by nanoparticles

A group of scientists from the University of London Queen Mary has conducted a number of experiments, in which they managed to force the object to become invisible. Using a special material containing nanoparticles, the scientists were able to make the object invisible in the literal sense of the word. …

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The article is invisible to the economist

Recently I caught the eye of the article an acquaintance of the candidate of economic Sciences in the journal “Science and world” 2016 No. 5 (33) Vol.II . At first I choked on technical and confusing-furious passages, and then laughed when he realized what it was. Maksparke me some poet …

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