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Inventors killed by their discoveries. Photo

Inventors – enthusiastic people. Some are willing to put life to create something revolutionary. Constant experimentation and super – not the highest price for the opportunity to develop the ideas they possessed. Sometimes it happens that the geniuses become victims of the resulting realities. 1. The inventor of gunpowder, Berthold …

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The great inventors who have changed our planet. Photo

Thanks to their efforts, we can live in comfort. Not that all these inventions were so fundamental that turned people’s perceptions about the world, but in any case, without them we can not imagine modern world. More surprising is that most of them have been created recently by the standards …

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The inventors have shown the tent of the future. Photo

Dream lovers phones.Many people dream to go camping. However, some simply can not imagine even a short holiday without the laptop, mobile phones and other equipment. Especially for them was created the innovative tent that is perfect for lovers of comfort. This tent is able to maintain a certain temperature …

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