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Named the best discoveries and inventions of this year

Became known one hundred best innovations of 2016.Leadership in this area got the vaccine against Dengue fever. With the help of technologies developed in the current year, you can have unique possibilities with the first day of birth. The feature of the first device is manifested on the way home …

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The strangest in the history of military inventions. Photo

What did not come up to the people to destroy the enemies. Some of our greatest inventions were allocated in the military sphere. Here is a list of eccentric guns, invented quite misguided military inventors. 10. Animals-bombs Today’s organization for the protection of animals would protest against the use of …

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Unusual inventions in the twentieth century. Photo

The current technique was not created overnight. Many people have a tendency to romanticize the twentieth century. Saying that the air was cleaner, the sky above, and the rivers flowed the rum tincture (adults) and milk and honey (for those who are still not allowed in bars). At that time, …

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These inventions are certainly useful to tourists. Photo

They will help to cope with many difficult situations. We have made a selection of the accessories without which a journey to another country will be punished. Compact soap and shampoo Silk hiding place for money and credit cards International SIM card Noise cancelling smart headphones Conveyor for shirts. Compression …

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Strange inventions created by the Japanese. Photo

They have boundless imagination. The Japanese are very resourceful people. Living proof of this fact is the variety of devices that enthusiasts of this country every month launching on the market. Many of these devices are frankly useless, but at the same time incredibly funny. It is such, and not …

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Amazing inventions created by students. Photo

These inventions are of great value.Young people are the future. They can discard their prejudices and to look at the wider world. You can learn about the most interesting inventions that were created by students. These inventions were awarded with the prize of Lemelson. This prize is awarded to the …

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