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Scientists have found that centenarians prefer to eat

From food depends on the duration of life. Food is an integral factor influencing human health in General. For anybody not a secret that people who are care about what and how they eat, look much better than the other. Moreover, they can boast not only perfect appearance and practically …

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The main “secrets” and healthy habits of centenarians

Those who want to live to be 100 years, you should reconsider your usual way of life. Centenarians often become objects for admiration by society. Only a few manage to survive their loved ones and even grandkids, despite the fact that the conditions of life for all virtually identical. The …

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Unique Italian village of centenarians. Photo

The small seaside village of Acciaroli located on the Italian coast of Amalfi, South of Naples, became the object of study of many scientists. The thing is that here one in ten people overcame an age threshold of 100 years. In total, the micro-region of Cilento, with a population of …

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In Italy is found the village of centenarians

Scientists have found that in the village of Acciaroli, located in Italy, most of the inhabitants are centenarians. The local population is almost not affected by characteristic of old age diseases, including dementia. Tellingly, the majority of residents do not support a healthy lifestyle. The majority of the older members …

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Why China’s growing number of centenarians

Georgy Zotov 1 10086 The running tigers. Why China’s growing number of centenarians Newspaper article: AIF No. 46 13/11/2013 “There is no such that the person retired, sitting at home watching TV.” Chinese elderly sports, travel and Dating. In the end, China came in second place in the world for …

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Scientists have discovered why the twins are centenarians

Scientists have discovered why the twins, the AK rule, live longer than ordinary people. Leading researchers have documented that identical twins die at a young age less frequently than other people. This conclusion experts have made after the implementation of integrated tests and experiments. According to doctors, moral and financial …

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