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Doctors dispel common myths about cellulite

They believe the majority of women. It is time to talk about the myths associated with “female” problem of cellulite. Around these myths, there are ongoing disputes: someone believes in it, and someone – no. Today we tell, what exactly to believe. Sad as it may sound, but according to …

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What products lead to the formation of cellulite

To avoid “orange peel”, just enough to eliminate from the diet certain foods. Cellulite suffering today almost 95% of women. Get rid of him quite difficult. It can be seen not only on the body full of ladies, and the slender graceful girls. All its causes are not fully identified. …

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How to get rid of cellulite with coffee

How to cure the “orange peel”.Anti-cellulite scrubs help to remove dead skin cells, exfoliate skin, improve circulation, cleanse the pores, causing the skin becomes soft and silky. Coffee, salt and chilliTo prepare the scrub, mix sea salt and ground coffee (1: 1), add olive oil or body cream. The resulting …

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Cellulite: food, effectively burn subcutaneous fat

To get rid of cellulite and improve the skin condition by using certain products. Ugly lumpy skin on the thighs, legs, abdomen and arms, often called “orange peel”. To deal with cellulite by means of one only exercise will not work, have to completely revise your diet to destroy subcutaneous …

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Named bath recipes cellulite and before a date

Baths on all occasions: five of the best recipes for beauty and mood. How often we need to relax or, conversely, to be collected and that is called, fully armed. For example, after returning from work tired and in a bad mood, want to relax and regain a sense of …

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