Thursday , October 29 2020
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The link between cell and cancer still exist

New research has shown how the radiation from mobile affects the body. Scientists National toxicology program, the United States found that radiation from mobile gadgets does increase the risk of cancer. Experts for many years has exposed rats to radiation — the same as from cell phones. It turned out …

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Cell phones and men’s health

  ALEX KUDRIN Men who like to work while holding a laptop in her lap, often distilled from thinking about the potential damage of electromagnetic radiation to their reproductive organs. Unfortunately, to get rid of such fears is not yet possible — relevant studies nobody spent. But there is already …

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A cell phone tower as a weapon of mass destruction

Lately at every intersection of the Moscow came a strange pillars, festooned with antennas and other communication devices. Muscovites even more often complain of feeling unwell. The correspondents of “MN” tried to figure out whether technology can seriously undermine the health of the citizens and why the city authorities ignore …

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Credit card and cell phone will replace the passport

The Russians invented a new method of identification. The electronic signature can “sew” in the microchips of Bank cards and SIM cards for remote authentication of Bank customers. The draft of amendments to the laws “On electronic signature” (63-FZ) and “On combating legalization/laundering of proceeds of crime” (115-FZ) is discussed …

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