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Celebrities that support feminism. Photo

May 30 – international day of feminism or women’s emancipation. This holiday was established in memory of the national heroine of France Joan of Arc. In the modern world, thousands of women continue to assert their rights and fight against discrimination. Compilation of the most famous feminists among celebrities. By …

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Recent images of dead celebrities. Photo

They were made shortly before their death. Suggest you look at the last photos of famous people, made some time before their death. John Kennedy Bob Marley, is the last known picture before his death Abraham Lincoln Adolf Hitler Albert Einstein Amy Winehouse Anne Frank Elvis Presley Franklin Roosevelt Freddie …

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American celebrities speaking out against trump. Photo

Many celebrities publicly speak about their political views. During the election campaign in the United States American stars will not stand aside and actively Express their opinions about the presidential candidates. The desire to win Donald trump’s not all the celebrities taste, so they vehemently Express a negative opinion about …

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