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In Transbaikalia found the legendary cave paintings

Novosibirsk archeologists reported the discovery in Transbaikalia rare rock carvings made by ancient people. Scientists suggest that the age of the petroglyph is about 4000 years. About the petroglyphs, as they called the figures the locals on the river spotted Seals near the village of Gorbitsa Sretensky district of Zabaykalsky …

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Cave bears killed sedentary lifestyle

Paleontologists cause of extinction of ancient bears. Paleontologists from the Potsdam University examined the DNA of cave and brown bears that lived on the territory of modern Spain, and came to the conclusion that the ancient bears was created analogues of the families and led a more sedentary life than …

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In the cave of Florida found Siberian artifacts

In the cave in the U.S. discovered artifacts from Siberia. In an underground cave in the state of Florida discovered the artifacts, which are pre-determined in 14.5 thousand years. Scientists believe that this is the most ancient evidence of the presence of people who came to the territory of the …

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Unusual cave city of Sassi di Matera

Continue to introduce you the most interesting places that I was able to see in the South of Italy.Matera is a town in Basilicata in Italy, famous worldwide for the historic quarters of the Sassi, where cave homes, a UNESCO world heritage site. Matera – the ancient city, the first …

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