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Named products, causing a gargantuan appetite

Seven dietary products, which even more hungry.I think corn flakes for Breakfast, salad for lunch and fruits for dinner – a healthy diet that will “make friends” with your figure? As it is not so! In fact, many so-called diet products are so many pitfalls that Mama do not cry. …

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Named the most dangerous substances causing addiction

Experts have compiled a unique list of substances that can cause addiction and death of the human brain. The researchers argue that many drugs used in the treatment of patients, may cause dependence in men and women. David Nutt, together with the group of academics asked experts from other clinical …

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The main reasons causing hypertension

7 main causes of hypertension.Why in fact, every second of us getting high blood pressure, say the experts. High is the pressure more than 130/90 units. It is called as arterial hypertension (AH). And in each tenth case of high blood pressure is a symptom of some other disease conditions …

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The main reasons causing numbness of hands

Doctors told why can numb hands. What’s really going on, when numb hands and it seems that sensitivity to them will not return? Usually numbness in hands can sometimes be due to mismatched poses. Occurs by displacement of the arteries, which causes a disruption in blood flow. When the blood …

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Named the main reason for causing diabetes

Doctors told why developing diabetes. Scientists claim that 87 percent of the men were genetic traits tend to undergo depression and diabetes. Women are at risk only in 75% of cases. This discovery could help in the creation of innovative tools from both types of disease. At least, I believe …

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