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Biologists: cats try to eat healthy food

Domestic cats refuse homemade food, because the proportion of protein and fat in them are far from optimal for these predators the ratio of 1 to 0.4 mm. This was stated by British scientists, noting that the animals can refuse to accept the unusual food. Biologists watched as several home …

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Became known why cats love Catnip

Mystery of why cats love Valerian. In contrast to people for whom Valerian has a calming effect, representatives of the cat, sniffing or tasting the roots of this plant, come in a state of excitement, begin to roll on the ground, roll over or run randomly. As reported, strong …

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Images showing “guile” cats. Photo

It’s kinda cute.Cats – creatures cute and small. However, this does not mean that they are defenseless. These representatives of the animal world may get mad and attack any offender. However, they do so not in the hearts. As intelligent Pets, cats methodically think through every subsequent step and make …

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A comet without a tail named after cats

Scientists have given a funny name of a tailless comet. Astronomers have discovered the first kind of tailless comet, which may help to understand the processes of formation and evolution of the Solar system. “We have already studied a lot of asteroids, but all of them for a long time …

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