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Japanese catcher pokémon knocked down a pedestrian

In the Japanese city of Tokushima 39-year-old farmer Keiji was hit on a pedestrian crossing, two elderly women, one of them died. As the portal NHK, at the time of arrest he stated that he was not watching the road as I played in the Pokemon GO. 72-year-old Sachiko Nakanishi …

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In San Francisco shot and killed a catcher pokemon

In San Francisco at a local Park aquatic man was shot during a game Pokemon GO. About it reports TV channel ABC. The tragedy occurred on the evening of August 6, when 20-year-old Calvin Riley, together with his comrades caught pokemon. The young man was left alone, and at this …

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Khodorkovsky sent the money to the arrested catcher pokémon Sokolowski

Public organization “Open Russia” founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, offers financial assistance to the Ural blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky fished pokemon in the Temple-on-Blood. The coordinator Paulina Nemirovsky came with a large sum of money in the Sverdlovsk regional court, where in these minutes under appeal the arrest Sokolovsky, the correspondent “reported …

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NASA launches asteroid catcher”

Today from Cape Canaveral into space to probe OSIRIS-REx. After years of heavy construction and months of endurance testing the spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex space Agency NASA, designed to catch the asteroids and shipping the samples of their soil is completely ready and will be going to space this Thursday from Cape …

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Catcher in the lie?

Who will fight, if we survive in a new arms race?..   Indeed, and with whom?.. Anticipating the conversation, I would venture to guess that the fight will end up not with someone, nothing and no one.Because, if you count the cost of the USSR, and modern Russia on armaments …

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