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Hubble captures image of galaxy “a Little Gem”

The gas cloud was formed over 3.5 million years ago. Space telescope NASA Hubble captures image of galaxy NGC 681. For turquoise and pink shades, the scientists gave her the name of Little Gem. This gas cloud was formed about 3500 years ago, when the star peaked, she threw away …

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Hubble captures the pulsating heart of the crab nebula

In the centre of the nebula is a neutron star. The crab nebula located at a distance of 6500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Taurus. It originated in the supernova explosion (“death” of a massive star), and in its center is a superdense neutron star, emitting radiation in the …

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The telescope “Hubble” captures big star “hospital”

Globular clusters are a close “family” of several tens or hundreds of thousands of stars that exist on the outskirts of galaxies. The telescope “Hubble” captures big star “hospital”: the stars globular cluster NGC 1854. The footage shows several hundreds of thousands of white and blue stars, they are in …

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